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Year 4

Year 4 make some noise!

This week in Science, Year 4 have been learning about how sound travels. The children were given the task of making a working telephone, using two plastic cups and a piece of string. They had great fun (and made a huge amount of noise) trying different ways to get the phones to actually work and they…

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Strictly Team News!!!!

St Andrew’s are proud to say that our Year 3/4 Strictly Team came third in the competition on Saturday 23rd March 2019!! Bronze medals and a trophy!! Go St Andrew’s!

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Flu Immunisation News

On behalf of the School Nursing Service: If your child is in Year Reception to Year 5 and has not yet had their flu immunisation, there is an opportunity for your child to attend a clinic on Saturday 19th January 2019. This session will be held at Far Cotton Rec Centre. Please contact the 0-19…

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Year 4 – Under Construction!!

Year 4 are currently designing their own quizzes on scratch. As you  can see we have been learning the correct codes to  generate questions about the Romans. This week we learnt how to give the player points when they get the answer correct. Hopefully in a few weeks we will have completed our own games…

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Year 4 News

The whole school was set the challenge of designing a scene from their favourite book. Here are a few pictures of the work produced by Year 4. As well as this Year 4 have been working hard in P.E. The children had to move the balls from one hoop to another but they could only…

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Year 4 explore science!

Year 4 have been building their own circuits in science and learning how circuits work. They have also been exploring the inside of an electrical plug and learning how they work.

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