Sky blue polo shirt (with or without school logo)
Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without school logo)
Black or grey trousers (not leggings), shorts or skirt.
Sensible black, leather shoes or ankle boots; NO trainers or high boots.
Plain black, grey or white socks or tights.
Royal blue and white checked dress (in summer).

P.E. Kit
Plain white t-shirt (with or without school logo)
Navy blue or black shorts (loose fitting around the leg, not cycling/lycra shorts)
Black plimsolls
Trainers may be worn for outdoor P.E. Your child’s teacher will notify you if these are needed.
Plain black/navy blue/jogging bottoms and sweatshirts (no logos) should be worn for outside PE

School Uniform can be ordered using the online shop at Uniform Shop Wellingborough (USW) – click on the link below. Alternatively appropriate school uniform can be purchased at most retails stores - school logo uniform is not compulsory.

Pre-loved uniform is available to purchase from the school, and pre-loved uniform sales are held regularly throughout the school year.

Personalised name labels can be ordered from STIKINS and every purchase will raise funds for  school - click on the link below.