As this is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School, there are close links with the Parish Church. The Rector/Priests/Ministers of a variety of local churches, regularly lead assemblies and on several occasions throughout the school year, the children attend a service in church. Parents are always welcome to these services.

During each school day there is an act of Christian worship led by local church leaders, the Head Teacher or another member of teaching staff. Class assemblies are at least once a year and parents are invited to these.

Religious Education is provided in accordance with the 1988 Education Act and locally agreed syllabus, which has recently been enhanced by a new curriculum written by the Peterborough Diocese called ‘RE Today’. This combines both understanding Christianity and the study of other religions. It aims to help pupils develop their understanding and knowledge of different religions, faiths, beliefs and practices and help them to reflect on their own values and beliefs.

The School respects the individual differences and beliefs of people in the community, whilst retaining an essentially Christian ethos through daily assemblies, prayers and through other curriculum areas.

We regularly invite parents and friends to class assemblies. Parents are entitled to withdraw their child from RE and worship but must contact the Head Teacher if they wish to exercise this right.