Mathematics is at the centre of our curriculum. Through our daily Maths teaching, we strive to ensure that all children become equipped to be confident mathematicians and are taught the required skills to tackle Maths in daily life. Wherever possible, we encourage opportunities to apply mathematics skills across the curriculum in order to consolidate and reinforce key concepts in real life contexts.


At St. Andrew’s, we use progressive objectives taken from the National Curriculum to challenge and support all learners in all areas of the Maths curriculum, including: Number; Place Value; Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division; Fractions; Shape; Position, Direction and Movement; Measure and Statistics. From September 2020 we will be teaching Maths using the 'Power Maths' scheme of work. Please follow the links below to the 'Power Maths' calculation policies for your child's Key Stage.

We have regular ‘Fast Maths’ sessions throughout each week to enable the children to learn and practice their number bonds in Year 1, addition and subtraction facts in Year 2 and their multiplication facts in Key Stage 2. We encourage parents to support their children with the learning of these key facts at home and with the completion of online ‘My Maths’ activities set and monitored by their teacher.

Across the school, we give children the opportunity to use a range of practical resources to support their understanding of mathematical concepts and children demonstrate their learning in concrete, pictorial and abstract representations. At St. Andrew’s we strongly believe that having a secure understanding of number is vital for children’s confidence and we develop this from Early Years. As the children move through the school, they build upon their knowledge and understanding to support them through their future education.