Year R Trip to West Lodge Rural Farm

Wow! What a fantastic day we have had at the farm.

First we arrived and toured the farm looking at the animals. Our favourites were the new born piglets and the goats! Then we got to hold and stroke some of the smaller animals.

Before lunch we went on a tractor barrel ride, this was lots of children’s second best part of the day.

Then we went to the elves village and made reindeer food, explored the streets with our 3D glasses and wrote letters to Father Christmas which we posted. Then it was time! Before going in to see Santa we had to go through security to see if the light went green meaning we were on the nice list. All the children got green lights but the grownups went red! Luckily after a ‘retest’ we all got the green light and through we went…. Father Christmas was very kind, and after he let us through the secret door we got to choose a present from his toy shop!

After lunch we had time to play and then go and take part in a Nativity Christmas performance with real animals and snow!

After so much excitement it’s no wonder so many children fell asleep on the coach home. Well done everyone, the behaviour was super and they represented the school brilliantly on their first ever school trip!