Real Play – Parent & Child Club at St Andrew’s

Over the last few 12 weeks we have been taking part in a Real Play club to encourage lots of physical exercise and activity both before school, during school and at home. The families we have had join us have been here each and every week, bright and early and full of energy! We’ve had a great time and I hope that everyone keeps up the games and activities we have been practising at home! Thank you to all those who took part and helped each week.

“I like playing in real play with my friends. My favourite game is tag. I like real play as Mummy and little brother can come” Andrei
“I like doing real play with Mrs Archer. We get to play different games and have a healthy breakfast” Vanesa
“We get breakfast at real play. It is good to go to real play as we get exercise which is good for you. We get to play puzzles and games” Daisy
“I enjoy playing board games. We play lots of fun games. I like playing the game where we roll the ball to each other” Harrison