Please park considerately and safely!

We are having problems with parents parking in the neighbouring areas outside the school. Local residents have been complaining to the school about parents blocking their driveways and parking on street corners which is dangerous and illegal.

Please be mindful of where you park and park considerately and safely.

It is also becoming increasingly dangerous for children crossing the road.

Please avoid parking on pavements, on the yellow zig-zag area outside the school and in the bus bay, double parking in Millbank, Foxendale Square and Mushroom Field Road and parking close to the roundabout.

The safety of the children is also being put at risk by parents using the main entrance of the school as a turning point when children are using an access point nearby to come into school.

Please park further down the road or elsewhere, for example, the public car park near to the shops.

We hope that everyone will recognise that the safety of all children and residents is of paramount importance. We all need to work together to avoid putting anyone at risk of harm or danger.

Thank you for your consideration.