Budget Meals for Families – FREE COURSE – Adult Learning

Adult Learning are already running Healthy Eating on a Budget courses with parents/carers receiving food resources to enable them to create meals during online sessions. They have now also designed a Budget meals for Families course to help those families who may be living off food parcels and the course is based around using store cupboard ingredients to make filling meals.  Parents/carers will receive food resources to enable them to take part in this course.

The links for families for the Healthy Eating on a Budget and Budget Meals for Families courses are at:

Budget Meals for Families https://courses.northantsglobal.net/CourseDetailsView.asp?CODE=SZY3TA37&NAME=Budget+Meals+For+Families&ID1=2600&ID2=32405&ID3=1

Healthy Eating on a Budget for Families https://courses.northantsglobal.net/CourseDetailsView.asp?CODE=SZY4TA32&NAME=Healthy+Eating+On+A+Budget+For+Families&ID1=2600&ID2=32371&ID3=1

Information on all Family Learning courses can be found at this link: