Year 4 visit Stoke Bruerne

This term, year 4 had a wonderful trip to the Stoke Bruerne canal and museum. The weather was beautiful on the day and we all enjoyed being outside in the sunshine. We had a trip on a canal boat and went into a tunnel where the driver turned the lights out to show us how dark it was in the tunnel! It made us all jump and some of us even screamed! We were shown how the locks work and got to help some of the public to open and close the locks, so that their boats could pass through.

The museum was really interesting and we learnt a lot. Our favourite fact was that when canals were first used, there   were ‘leggers’ that had to lay on planks of wood on the boats and literally walk the boat through the tunnels. This was because the horses that used to pull the boats could not go through the tunnels.

It was a really lovely day and we would all like to visit there again.