Year 2’s Mini Fire of London

On Wednesday 20th November, Ecton and Wilby class set up their own mini fire as link to the Great Fire of London.

As historians, we learnt about timelines and the events that led up to the Great Fire of London starting in Thomas Farriner’s bakery in September 1666.

As designers, we also designed and constructed houses in a tudor style which we then set fire to during the afternoon. This gave us the opportunity to see how if the weather affected how quickly the houses burnt and how the materials that we used also helped the fire to spread quicker.

We also had a visit from the firefighters on White Watch from Moulton Fire Station. They came in to speak to us about fire safety in and around the home as well as needing to do STOP! DROP AND ROLL! if we were ever in any danger near fire. We had the opportunity to sit inside the fire engine and also had a go at using the fire hoses to extinguish an imaginary fire.

We have learnt so much this half term and have thoroughly enjoyed our connected curriculum work.