Year 2 – William Morris Designs – January 2019

In Year 2 we have been exploring the work of two very famous artists and printmakers. The first
being M.C. Escher and the second one William Morris.
In our Art and also our computing, we have been exploring how to create our own designs inspired
by the floral patterns of William Morris.
In computing, we have been extending our skills to using the software package Colour Magic to
create and design our own patterns inspired by William Morris, using the paint and fill tools to help
Most of us were inspired William Morris’ design ‘The Strawberry Thief.’ Can you see elements of
‘The Strawberry Thief’ in our computer generated designs?

Here are some our own design in the style of William Morris. We have used polystyrene sheets for
our printing blocks and have tried to create a repeating pattern just as Morris would have done.


The Strawberry Thief – William Morris

We also created watercolours of our designs too!