Year 2 Online spider charts!

In Year 2 we have now developed our spider charts as part of our computing work.

Last week we learnt how to set up our spider charts with our key questions using nodes but now we have learnt how to insert new answer nodes to show our answers and what we have learnt.

In our pairs we have answered as many questions as we possibly could using our research about ‘into the woods’.


Now that we have completed our spider charts, we will be starting to select a woodland animal to research and create factsheets about using different software in our computing time.

We are really excited to be creating our own factsheets on the computers but we have really tricky decisions to make about which creatures we would like to investigate.

Our list includes badgers, owls, foxes, hedgehogs, adders, rabbits, hares and woodpeckers!

Watch this space to see our woodland factsheets coming soon!