Year 2 News

Year 2’s Star Readers

At the end of every half term, we reward one child from Ecton and Wilby Class with an extra special reading book which they get to keep forever from our prize reader suitcase.

We had so many children this half term who have completed their 5 reads a week at home. Every child who achieved this received a raffle ticket which was entered into the draw.

The winners for Autumn Term 1 were-

Lola in Year 2 Ecton Class

Roberto in Year 2 Wilby Class

Well done to these children and to all of our star readers this half term!

Year 2’s Performance Poetry

During the last week of Autumn Term 1, we spent time studying and learning the performance poem- The Voices of Water by Tony Mitton.

Together, we created a poem map to help us with learning the verses and we also created actions to reflect the sounds that occurred in the poem.

We also learnt a new word- onomatopoeia, a word which sounds like the sound something makes. For example- splish, splash, drip, drop, bang!