Year 2 had a special visitor!

Our Waste Educations Bus Visit

Today, Year 2 had a visit from the Waste Education Bus.

They came in to help us with our work in Science, where we have been looking at materials and their uses, including learning about recycling. We had the opportunity to learn about what we should recycle along with where our rubbish goes once it leaves school or home.

We also had the chance to look at some items that had been made from rubbish including, rucksacks and fleeces made from plastic bottles. Did you know that it takes 44 plastic drinks bottles to make 1 fleece?

Here are some of the children’s thoughts about the visit from the team.

“I really enjoyed the recycling online game where we had to find the rubbish and put it into the correct recycling bin.” Victor

“I enjoyed the game where we had to find the wrong rubbish that had been sent to landfill” Crown.

“I enjoyed exploring the recycling games and the talk about recycling. I learnt a lot!” Harvey

“I was quite impressed that people can make toys out of recycled drinks cans so that the material can be reused” Elliot.

We are now going to look at creating recycling posters of our own along with designing and making space crafts using bottles, card and paper.