Action Aid visit Year 2 Tuesday 26th June 2018

We had a visit from Mrs Claire Palmer from Action Aid, who came to talk to us about Chembakoli. Chembakoli is a little village in the south of India. We drank tea made with cloves, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon, dressed in saris and performed a stick dance. Here’s what the children thought:


My Indian was very easy for me because I can speak Tamil. It was a bit hard to write my name in Tamil though. The tea was disgusting, but everyone else liked the tea. The things we put in the tea smelled very badly and the tea taste very bad! We also did a stick dance which was a bit of fun and they toys were very fun. We also made bracelets.


What we had learned from India is that the Indian people go into the rainforest in the afternoon. They make sure they don’t take too much. With the honey they make medicine and tea. We tasted the tea and it was delicious. My favourite part was when we got to dress up in sari and when we made a bracelet.